Kindle research tool – KindleSPY, a great tool for anyone interested in Amazon publishing

Kindle research tool and Kindle research tips with KindleSpy

Kindle research tool or Why I LOVE KindleSPY For the last month or so I’ve been involved in a beta test of a brand new Kindle research tool called KINDLE SPY.  This is a handy tool for anyone who wants to create a book to publish on Amazon and especially if you plan to publish…

Armchair BEA 2014 – A passion for books

Twittered out?
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Armchair BEA 2014 – The participants Armchair BEA 2014 may have satisfied book lust, but I confess, after daily Twitter parties and blog writing and hopping, I do think I’m  ready for a day at the beach. So, you may ask: Who on earth would give up an entire week to sit behind a computer…

Goosebumps – Lessons from RL Stine books

Goosebumps author RL Stine books deliver when it comes to horror for middle grade readers.
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Goosebumps books provoked controversy Goosebumps books capture the imagination of middle-grade readers, particularly boys. For me, that alone is enough to make them good books. However, the Goosebumps books have been the topic of discussion among writers, readers, and teachers ever since the first one hit the market in 1992. For years I read posts…

Beyond Borders – Travel the world one page at a time

Open Door To The Sky
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Following the trail of enchanted pages Books transport me to a different world. I leave one state of being and return to another. For a little while, I’m somewhere else, and often someone else. As a child, I roamed the world through fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm opened the door that eventually led me into…

Are you reading short stories?

Master of short stories, Anton Chekov is a well-known writer of the short form.
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Short Stories – Time for a comeback? Short stories often get short shrift. Why is that? The short form, often more difficult to write, is a wonderful format to learn the craft of writing. Film makers love them. Many short stories become movies, but readers, for some reason, have not embraced this format, preferring to…

Author, Author! How to meet your favorite author

Looking for an author
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Where to find an author Want to meet some authors? Go to the nearest writer’s convention and head for the bar. You laugh. Yet this is a tried and true method whispered among writers in search of famous authors who hold the holy grail of bestsellerdom. Go where the authors congregate. Notice I did not…

Kicking off Armchair BEA 2014

Mad Hatter attend Armchair BEA Introduction
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Reading, Writing, and Books – What’s not to love? Armchair BEA 2014 that virtual book bonanza for book bloggers and readers, is happening this week. Once again, I’m wearing the Mad Hatter hat as I nearly missed the opening day. Luckily, I’m okay and will be attending the party with the publishing of this post….

Gathering books for Dewey Readathon

Readathons are good ways to keep the book habit The Dewey 24-hour Readathon is in full swing, so it’s time for me to post my books. This one nearly swept by without me as I only discovered it was on today sometime late last night. My books for today’s Dewey readathon Since I’m participating in…

Holidays provide needed reading time for good books

Thankfully Reading WEekend offers opportunity to read Thanksgiving holiday books for writers.

Thanksgiving reading time and The Count of Monte Cristo When two reading events come together, it’s a pleasure and holidays provide added reading time. This weekend my intention has been, if not to finish, to at least gain headway in my reading of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I mean, it is…

Popplet for picture book writers

Popplett picture book writers-2

Ways to use Popplet for picture book writing Popplet is a new visual organizing and mindmapping tool that picture book writers will find useful in many ways. To illustrate I decided to use Popplet to create my first popplet called, of course, Popplet for Picture Book Writers. I created this visual in less than an…

Good Housekeeping writing contest wants memoir

Good Housekeeping magazine writing contest calls for memoirs about mothers.

Good Housekeeping writing contest focuses on mothers This year the Good Housekeeping writing contest seeks stories about mothers for their memoir contest. It’s all about mom this year with Good Housekeeping’s “Every Mother Has a Story” nonfiction memoir theme. The Good Housekeeping writing contest wants nonfiction essay manuscripts that have a mother at the center…

Magazine essay contest seeks your story

Major magazine essay contest for writers by Ladies Home Journal.

Magazine essay contest – Ladies Home Journal 2013 Looking for a major magazine essay contest to enter? Ladies Home Journal is interested in the best decision you’ve ever made. That’s the topic for this year’s LJH Personal Essay Contest. When it comes to writing contests, this is a major one.  The deadline is December 6,…

Thanksgiving holiday books for writers

Thankfully Reading WEekend offers opportunity to read Thanksgiving holiday books for writers.

Who writes Thanksgiving holiday books? The answer might surprise you. Count Louisa May Alcott among the writers who have given us Thanksgiving holiday books. Alcott’s An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving short story has even been made into a movie starring Jacqueline Bisset. Truman Capote mined his childhood for short stories and came up with the perennial holiday favorite The…

Glamour Magazine writing contest now open


Glossy magazine writing contest 2014 seeks entries Major magazine writing contests continue to draw entries and one of the top ones around is the annual Glamour magazine writing contest called “My Real-Life Essay Contest“. Once again the famous women’s magazine seeks your true-life essays. A major attraction is that there is no entry fee. Another is…

Procrastination help for writers who procrastinate

Most writers are in need of procrastination help.

Procrastination help is needed to combat the blank page Many writers fall into the mind-numbing, anti-productive state of procrastination. It’s an easy place to live — especially today. Even the most productive writers, except for maybe Stephen King, often fall prey to its allure and require a healthy dose of procrastination help. Today is Anti-Procrastination…