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Author’s Guild spices up membership offer

“Kafka toiled in obscurity and died penniless. If only he’d had a website.” So begins the latest ad for the Authors Guild. Since 1919 the Authors Guild (AG) has worked on behalf of its members for free speech, copyright protection and other concerns of published authors. The Guild provides everything from the latest in publishing news that has direct impact on writers and their careers to healthcare. Of particular help to authors in this age of electronic publishing and a shrinking global landscape, are the legal services regarding contract reviews and dispute resolutions. Now, for a limited time, the Guild will set up their members with a full-featured website.

Talk about taking the stress out of website-building. They’ll build it and use the dot-com address you provide. Not only will the authors be able to sell their books, link to reviews and post events, they’ll even help the authors build a community of readers through the development of their own online newsletter. All this for $6 a month and the $90 membership fee. There’s plenty more to learn at the Guild’s website ( and plenty more available to members.

Having now signed three contracts with one book published, the second in production, and the third nearly finished, I think I may be at a point where membership in the Guild might prove helpful and instructive. If any of you have had any experience with the Guild, please feel free to offer your comments and opinions. “Inquiring minds”–this one at least–want to know.

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