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Deadline mania, guest authors and a quick update

For some reason every possible thing that could happen in my life, particularly those associated with deadlines, have converged and I’ve been trying to scrape out an extra four and twenty hours to add to each day. Needless to say, I have not succeeded, but I did want to provide a couple of teasers.

When I began the blog I planned to have guest authors and I’m pleased to announce that multi-talented and multi-published Kimberly Morris will be on tap in April. I’ll be writing up her bio and providing more information later on but let me tell you this is one savvy lady. In addition, the cover to my YA, Divided Loyalties, will be ready to post for all to see in the next week or so. I’m pretty excited about that as I think it’s a terrific cover. And several of our readers have provided some interesting tips and links that I’ll put together for a future daily entry.

Keep reading and do take advantage of the comment features. I do read them and plan to get back with every one. Thanks.

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