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Are bloggers creating a new literary trend?

While blogs birthed online diary writing, the epistolary form of novel writing is not the latest blogger writing trend. Nor is journalism. The Guardian’s Jim McClennan, who is currently researching online narrative as an interactive writer-in-residence–is that not a new term? –for the BBC, recently discussed the emergence of online narrative and provided some great links to follow if you’re even slightly interested in the idea of how to use a blog for fiction writing.

“Indeed, with their short daily entries, reader feedback and links to the net, blogs seem purpose-built for creating episodic stories,” McClennan says. Are going full circle? Many great writers such as Harriet Beecher Stowe and Charles Dickens made their claim to fame with episodic fiction.

But what to name such a thing? Maude Newton’s Stepheny Aulenback suggests “bliction” or “flogging.”

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