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Language this and language that

The other night I spent some time googling and surfing through teen-related blogs on writing and came across Mary Nicole Sylvester’s Creative Writing for Teens. Her blog is full of entries on writing and publishing that appeal to any age, and I found quite a few new blogs to add to my own blogroll.

Writers write. That’s a given, but they should also read and enjoy language. That said, here are two terrific blogs on language: Languageart and Languagehat. Spend some time reading their entries; it’s time well spent.

Enjoy these posts

  • language hat

    Hey, thanks for the plug! But what’s with that Languageart site? I went there and got a few “sponsored links” plus a bunch of popup ads. Is there a blog hidden in there somewhere?

  • mark

    Nice post. In this vein, I’ve looked for some C.S. Lewis sites for the Chronicles of Narnia. But I didn’t find much.