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The Chick Lit Challenge

Before you get too excited, know we are not talking chewing gum here. Nope, it’s the latest hot trend in women’s fiction that inspires today’s post. Chick lit imprints have been popping up across the literary landscape and female readers have been grabbing the books as fast as their spines hit the shelves. As I mentioned over at Blog Trek, it would appear some folks have a few qualms about this latest phenomena women’s fiction. Take a look at Anjula Razdan’s article in the March/April issue of Utne:

The Chick Lit Challenge (Promo) Anjula Razdan

“But a lot of people are still worried about the influence of the popular genre of fiction known as ‘chick lit.’ You know, those ubiquitous novels with pastel-colored dust jackets bearing whimsically retro images of cocktail glasses, trendy purses, and spiky heels. With titles like Running in Heels: A Novel, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, and Thirty Nothing, chick lit relays breezy tales of spunky professional urban women worrying about their bosses, their weight, their boyfriends, and their Jimmy Choo shoes. The genre is wildly successful — and that, oddly enough, is the problem.”

I’m sure the writers, as well as the readers, will be pleased to know that the books have been identified as the latest in popular trash. I guess the question is: Can a New Millenium woman have her trash and retain her feminist membership card, too?

Read ’em and weep…?

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  • Mark

    I try to get my hands on all the “chick lit” I can find. It’s important to learn life’s perspective from the other side.
    Then I made the mistake of reading a “Mary Higgins Clark” novel. It was so terrible. What is the deal?
    Back to “guy lit” and the occasional Jane Austen.