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The new Writer’s Path CafeStore opens!

Much as I hate it, I’m still on that terminally-bad deadline rush that refuses to ends. I confess the brain cells don’t want to kick in, the mind doesn’t want to deal with one more Texas historical tidbit, and the body is just plain tired of being parked in the chair. For mental escape I admit I do wander off at times. Like earlier this week when I clicked over to PaulyD’s place and found young Will’s site. No, not Wil Wheaton, Will from Youngest of one fame, and I enjoyed reading his posts and began to look around and found his online store. I learned all about CafePress and began thinking . . . so now I have my own online store for The Writer’s Path and hope you take a look. (Oh, and if you decide to open up an account and play around with an online store, please do list me as a referral–thewriterspath.)

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  • “Young Will”

    Thanks for the link. Glad I could help in opening up the store. It looks great!