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Kimberly Morris on Publishing Matters

Day 5 and Kimberly Morris answers questions about her publishing company.

5. You have a terrific website and also your own custom publishing company. What are you working on now?

I’ve always got a lot of pots bubbling. I recently wrote a book for the Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet Sixteen series called California Dreaming. And I’m getting ready to go to Tennessee to research a novel set against the backdrop of the 1925 Scopes Trial. When I get back, I’ll be a presenter at the Houston A Plus Challenge Conference to talk about collaborative writing and the methodology used to bring 300 student and teacher collaborators together on the manuscript for the Inventors Club. I just got back from New York where I had a meeting about the possibility of doing it as a television project. Publishing Matters is a custom content company. We shape content designed to serve marketing or education imperatives, and give it professional, trade-quality entertainment values that engage readers and hold their attention.

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