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News Flash: First book review–Fallen Angel Reviews–in for Divided Loyalties

Came home last night to find an email from Fallen Angels Review saying the review had been posted on my new book, Divided Loyalties. That was a knot-in-the-pit-of-the-stomach moment. Thankfully, to paraphrase Sally Fields, “she–the reviewer–liked it. I particularly enjoyed, “Vikk Simmons has an amazing ability to make the reader care for these characters.” The book is on Awe-Struck’sComing Soon” page with a August 7, 2004 release date. August 7th happens to be my parent’s 62nd anniversary. Hope it bodes longevity for my book, as well. I’m still learning all about e-books; I do know the book will be available in several formats, including those for e-book readers, on disk, and in a downloadable file to read on-screen or to print. So anyone should be able to find a format that will work for them. The publisher, Awe-Struck, has a very user-friendly site full of information for potential readers. Clink on the upper righthand “Where to Begin” section on the home page to learn about the company and their books, and how to read them. (Note: Check back for the rest of Kimberly Morris’s interview tonight and tomorrow.)

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  • mark

    I just read the review. Sounds like an interesting story. Best friend or boyfriend. Those triangles often crop up in life after high school as well, or at least on “Seinfeld.”

  • Eli

    Read the review. Good for you. Hope they’re all this positive. However, I’m not surprised, knowing how well you write.
    I’m sure this will be the first of many!