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Julie Wray Herman: Becoming professional in the midst of rejection

Several of you have written asking how you can get copies of Julie’s books. If you click on the book covers at the end of the post or on the left column of the site, you will access her books through Amazon. Also, if you use the Bookshop on the right column, you can search by name or title and you will have access to your shopping cart and be able to do all your book shopping. In addition, Julie’s books are available through bookstores. In Houston you can try the famed mystery bookstore Murder by the Book, as well as Borders and Barnes and Noble.

Now that we’ve explored your mystery garden, let’s talk about writers and professional organizations.

3. You have been active in Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and the American Crime Writers League. Currently, you’re Chapter Liason for Sisters in Crime. How have these organizations impacted your writing career? What value does a professional organization provide and do you think it helps to join before you are published?

I would absolutely make contact with any professional organizations you can when you get interested in a field. For one thing, if you are considering becoming a professional, they can show you the way it’s done properly. Interestingly enough, my first rejection letter came from MWA, when the then Secretary told me that I had not yet shown enough professionalism in the genre. (She was later removed for doing discouraging things like this which are against the principles of MWA) I was already a member of Sister in Crime and there found the camaraderie and support I needed to keep working in a professional manner. That “rejection” stung. I am just obstinate enough that stinging things spur me on rather than dissuade me. The American Crime Writer’s League is an organization strictly for professional writers, those who have been published. I joined after my first book came out and have found the candor there from seasoned and novice authors to be outstandingly supportive. Sisters remains my favorite, probably because our chapter gave us such support in the early days when I was ready to share with others that I wrote and hoped someday to publish my work.

Interested in Julie’s books, click on the covers below to purchase Julie’s books or use the Bookshop portal on the righthand column of this site for Julie’s books and all your book needs.

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  • Mark

    Thank you for your last two posts, both very well put together and informative. :)

  • julie

    This whole format is new to me and quite fun. Thanks so much to Vikk for inviting me to participate and thank you to both Deborah and Mark for their comments.