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Life intervenes and Carnival of the Capitalists arrives in Blogtown

Sorry for the lack of words the past two days. In addition to having the book come out, the need to take an online defensive driving course ate up plenty of needed time. The trip to traffic court today was yet another time-stealer. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking up new entries to post. You’ll be seeing the results soon.

Thanks to Wayne Hurlbert at Blog Business World for his August 2nd post on the following. For those who aren’t up to speed in the blogging world, there is a venture known as the Carnival of the Capitalists. This is my first week to participate. This week’s carnival host is Steven Taylor at Poliblog. Now I’m new to all of this but apparently there are a number of carnivals making their way through the blogsphere. Each carnival is different. The Carnival of Capitalists has a business slant. For more information on carnivals and to see the initial start-up of one, check out this Carnival of the Vanities. Once you’ve found a carnival you like, choose a blog entry you’d like to submit, check out the submission process, locate the next week’s host, and send the link to the blog entry. It’s a chance to widen your audience and make new friends. My entry is the post on finding your e-voice.

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