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In joining the “sinister cabal” of blogging critics, have I somehow skirted the edges of the pajamahadin?

As of today I’m a blog-writing member of a “sinister cabal” going by the name of . Hundreds of bloggers make their opinions known about books, music, video, technology and the culture. There is plenty to read and I hope to attract a few readers of my own. I’ve already uploaded my first review from DWP’s archives.

I’ve attempted to put a link to Blogcritics on the upper left, and while the link clicks through the image doesn’t appear. Let me know what you think of Blogcritics if you decide to click over.

I wonder, will I soon be donning the dress of those newly famous pajamahadin?

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  • kevin whited

    BlogCritics is one of those sites about which I have mixed feelings.
    It’s a fine clearinghouse, and has readership, so obviously it’s a place where one can get one’s self noticed.
    Then again, the drawback is that it’s a clearinghouse, the editorial standards are lax, the quality is uneven, and there’s no real focus.
    Obviously, I think niche blogging has great potential. But I don’t know that they fill a very useful niche.

  • vikk

    Hi Kevin,
    Good to hear from you. I understand your concerns about One nice thing is that I can post a review that has already appeared on DWP, so that’s a plus in that I don’t have to do extra work to publish there. Another is that some of the reviews are culled for publication in other online newspapers, so that’s a plus. I did receive a notice that my first review had been plucked for distribution. Another is that the editor thought my reviews would be a good edition because they have 600 writers of all sorts so the reviews might be of interest to them as well as to some making up their regular readership.
    Obviously not all the writings at is going to be at the same level. They are a clearinghouse. Whether it’s a good match for me is something only time will tell, but so far I’m okay with it and willing to give it a try. Until I came across the site, I hadn’t even given any thought to the idea that there might be places where I could distribute some of DWP’s writings. So I look at it as an experiment and one more way to get the word out about DWP. And if anyone can suggest other sites I might be interested in, pleae chime in.

  • Bill Sherman

    From the “> on the bottom lower side of your unseen Blogcritics graphic, it appears as if there might be an unneeded space or a slash in your coding.