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The many hats of a haggard writer

I’m considering changing my name to Bartholomew Cubbins. Dr. Seuss fans will remember the young boy in The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins who tries to take his hat off when the king passes by only to find that as quickly as one hat pops off 499 more appear. I’m not sure what number hat I have on tonight but it brims with a multitude of tasks and falls under the twin sisters of publicity and promotions.

As most of you know, my new teen novel, Divided Loyalties is out in e-book form and will soon be available in trade paperback. My first talk/signing is scheduled at Houston’s Borders Books and Music-The Fountains in Stafford on Saturday, October 9 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The event is part of their Educator Appreciation Weekend, and I’ll be talking about e-books, e-publishing, and blogs—specifically using blogs in the classroom. Tonight my blogger knit cap is topped off by the graphics designer and that is topped off by the events promotion. While I sit and blog, my new Epson printer shooshes through page after page of color two-sided postcards to deliver to the bookstore tomorrow to be included with the Educator Appreciation Weekend material handed out to customers. This is after I’ve had to write the copy for the front and back, insert the book cover, and try to dress it up a bit. Next, I’ll be printing out the color poster ads that will have to go to Kinkos to be enlarged and laminated for store display. Monday I’ll be sending out press releases—which have to be written–on the event to the local media.

In addition to the 200 postcards going to the bookstore, I’m running off another 200 that will go out from one of my mailing lists. If you think that’s the end, you’re wrong. There are still the list notifications and email notices to be sent out, updated business/blog/book cards to be designed and printed, cards to be sent to teacher-friends to pass out, and oh-so-many ticky-tacky tasks that their number is almost impossible to rein in.

Did I mention that I’m giving a talk? Since the event is teacher-oriented, I need to prepare some handouts, design and get the new website up and running, and prepare the contest rules and regs that will be part of the publicity campaign. At this point my head is wobbling on my neck as the hats gain in size and weight. Tomorrow I go to Kinkos, then deliver the postcards and posters.

There are days when the hardest part of being a writer is carving out time to write!

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  • Mark

    You are going to be speaking in the Houston area, as far as possible from Clear Lake, on October 9th, correct? 😉

  • Heather

    Ah, the good old days, when publishers promoted their writers more.
    However, at least you are wearing all these hats for a purpose these days, instead of beating your head against the solid wall of rejection.
    Try to think about the payoff (and I’m not talking money, here.) Your persistence has paid off. I’m looking forward to seeing the trade paperback version in the bookstores really soon!