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Hours away from NaNoWriMo. Are you ready?

Okay all you professed committed writers, have you signed up for the National Novel Writing month-long contest? Have you done your finger exercises to get that fast-tapping keyboard action? Have you got an idea? Okay, have you got a first sentence?

There’s a strong Houston contingent, and they’re having get-togethers. They’ve even broken down into regions. Mark, there’s a Clear Lake group forming.

I had to do a bit of trolling through my mind and files to find the novel for the contest. I finally latched on to what I think is my best shot to get done this month and act as the base for the Donald Maas workshops I’ll be attending (more on that later). I found a crime novel idea from about ten years ago. I found the notes the other night, and after thinking about it for a day or so I went through the synopsis and developed a quick list of 50 potential scenes. I then did a bit of character work and it all felt right, so WHIRLPOOL it is.

So, let’s get a move-on. Sign up. We’re hours away from the opening shot. If you read this after midnight, don’t worry. You can sign up any time during the early weeks of November. You just have to write like crazy but it can-and has–been done.

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