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Local blog blooms and takes on the Houston Chronicle’s flu shot shortage reporting

Houstonians might want to check out Kevin Whited’s latest efforts in blogdom at BlogHouston. Kevin, recently of fame, also has the Publiustx blog. I’m a big fan of Kevin’s blogging efforts, and his latest is definitely staking a claim in one of blogdom’s fastest-growing territories. These blogs, often consisting of more than one blogger, focus on the state or local level and not only function as a form of media watch, but also position themselves as an alternative to the traditional local print media with their coverage extending to the culture and the people. BlogHouston’s Anne Lineham tackled the flu shot shortage reporting at the Houston Chronicle.


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  • kevin whited

    Thanks for the plug!
    I don’t know if folks would regard the Chronically Biased effort as fame or infamy, but this new blog has a much different focus and better management. *smile* Come give us a read!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the good links in this post and the last one. I’m a firm believer in flu shots, but I guess I must forgo it this year.
    Let’s all take extra vitamin C and hope for the best. Maybe some good writing will come of it? Pros and amateurs alike.