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Check out my NaNoWriMo blog: WHIRLPOOL

Thanks to reader and mystery novelist Barbara Klaser for the point to Na-No-Blog-Mo (National Novel Blogging Month),’s effort to highlight bloggers participating in the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) contest. There are plenty of interesting bloggers. Check out the efforts of these two: Salmanaca and The Maharlika Legacy. Joey Arilla from The Babel Machine blog has an interesting article at INQ7 on both the novel writing bloggers and writers.

To spare everyone the experience of wading through a potential multitude of posts relating to my NaNoWriMo experience, I’ve created a blog specifically for the contest. If you want to keep up with my daily efforts, go to WHIRLPOOL.

Meanwhile read my earlier post about author Chris Baty’s visit to Houston on the 18th.

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  • http://www.barbarawklaser.mysterynovelist Barbara

    Vikk, thank you for the link! I’m looking forward to following your progress.