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Try a new writing tool: Gurunet

Yes, I know. Things have been a bit crazy and I am pretty overwhelmed at the moment, but I wanted to pass on a tip I received today about an interesting writing tool called Gurunet.  At the click of a mouse you have a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, lexicon, translations, web pages and more–all by holding down the ALT key and left clicking on any word in any document in any program. Looks like the annual subscription fee for the full service is $29.99.

"When you look up a topic in a search engine, it gives you only a long list of unfiltered links pointing to web pages. Some are junk. Some are inappropriate. GuruNet brings you an answer in a quick, concise, authoritative, readable snapshot — and not a list of hundreds or thousands of links."–Gurunet

You can use GuruNet by just going to the website without registering for the full service and typing into the lookup bar there–or look on the righthand side for my blog tools–or you can download tools for free. Guest users have access to the core tools such as the dictionary, etc. Taking advantage of the annual subscription provides full service to medical and technical libraries, business references, etc.–and you can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Have fun! Will write more this week about Donald Maass’ workshop and the Julia Cameron–of The Artist’s Way fame–workshop I attended.

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