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New poetry reading group to meet in coffee house in NASA/Seabrook area.

I frequently get information from Sol Magazine, an international membership of poets and volunteers interested in the education of poets based out of Clear Lake City, Texas in the Houston area. They run competitions and will be changing their monthly online magazine to a quarterly publication in 2005. They also send out information about poetry-related events such as the following.

A new poetry reading group will begin to meet soon in Seabrook at a coffee house on NASA Parkway.  If you’d be interested in reading your new work on a regular basis in the Clear Lake City area, email Mary Margaret Carlisle at and she’ll be happy to share the particulars.

If you are interested in being a featured poet or short story writer in 2005 at an established poetry reading series in Clear Lake City, please contact her with your full name, preferred e-mail address, and a brief resume, including where you’ve read your work before and what you’e published, if anything.

If you would like to have a booksigning for a new chapbook or poetry book (published in 2004), contact Carlisle and she’ll be happy to set up a date in the Seabrook, Webster, or Clear Lake City area.


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