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Pin It and reviewing

As some of you may know, I signed up with to contribute reviews. Naturally most of what I post falls under the books section but there are opportunites to write for the political, movie, cultural and music sections as well. I recently posted my latest review on bestselling writer Meg Cabot’s sixth book in The Mediator series called Twilight. You can also see the rest of the reviews I’ve posted.

With 600+ bloggers contributing to the site, offers a wide range of opinion written in a variety of styles. There’s something for everyone. For writers and bloggers, it’s a great deal. First, you can contribute reviews that are written specifically for them or post items that have appeared on your own blog. Second, it puts your ideas and your blog in front of an entirely new audience. Third, you have the opportunity to acquire new material from publishers and record producers to review. Over the last month I received the entire series of Cabot’s Mediator series, two new hardback releases of teen books, and a review copy of a new book dealing with websites for small businesses. Since I write teen novels, it’s a great way for me to get a look at new books being published, and I really appreciated the editor sending me the entire series as it enhanced my reading of the new book. The computer book is a great deal because I’m puttering back and forth trying to decide on a design for my website. Amber Frey’s new book is the last one I’ve received. Should be interesting to review. Fourth, since I review books on writing for this blog, I now have another place to post the reviews; and finally and maybe the best reason is that some of the reviews posted on are then picked up and posted on a number of online newspaper review sections–and several of mine have made the cut. Which once again gives me the opportunity to reach potentially new readers. So if you like to write reviews, give them a try.

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