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Booknotes redux

Not too long ago I posted a note about an article in USA Today Books that featured the article "C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb Closes the ‘Book’” about Brian Lamb’s decision to end the long-running and popular Booknotes. Since 1989 Lamb has interviewed 800 nonfiction authors. The interviews are responsible for a good many books lining my shelves, and the show offered a rare opportunity for authors, many not counted in the traditional bestseller ranks, to discuss their books in depth during a one hour interview—no commercials, mind you. Since then Booknotes has ended but the interviews are now available on C-SPAN’s website. In addition, reruns of Booknotes interviews from 1989-2004, called Encore Booknotes, are being aired on weekends. A new show–minus Lamb–features nonfiction authors and guest interviewers.

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