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Take the Blogging for Books challenge and get out of your comfort zone.

You may be involved in writing the great American novel, or perhaps you’re busy busting out daily articles for newspapers, journals, magazines, and newsletters and that’s all well and good, but taking an occasional writing challenge or trying a new exercise can lead to new and unexpected stories and ideas. When I checked out the Writer’s Edge, Georganna Hancock’s blog, I found a notice about this month’s Blogging for Books challenge. Why not spend some time this week composing an entry and see what happens? You’ll have until 6:00 am Pacific Time on February 13th to come up with your 2,000 word entry.

Spend some additional time reading through Hancock’s blog. She posts a lot of interesting information, such as the existence of the explanation of proofreader’s marks found at the Designer’s Toolbox, and offers plenty of solid advice on a variety of writing-related issues. Hancock is a regular reader and always offers great comments whenever she visits this blog and I appreciate her support and input.

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  • Georganna Hancock

    Thanks, Vikk. I think we can all learn from each other. If only I could clone myself to be able to travel the blogosphere continually while the other me writes!