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Update on Exploring Texas History marketing experiment

The marketing experiment for my new book, Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures, continues. During the first 24-hour period the first ranking I saw was #89,254, which is much better than usual two million or so number an author generally finds. During the day the number moved to  #34,947 and reached #14,177 last night around 9:00 pm central. This morning the number dropped to #70,294. Obviously there has been sales activity, something I can verify from the number of private emails I’ve received.

According to the trackbacks, the marketing experiment has been listed on three blogs: Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World; Heather Ames’s Blog Trek; and Temple Stark’s site. Temple is the music editor over at So it looks like there’s the beginning of what many call viral marketing now at work. My thanks to my fellow bloggers for the kind mention of my book and of this experiment.

Be sure and check out Georganna Hancock’s Writer’s Edge and mystery novelist Barbara Klaser’s Mysteries of a Shrinking Violet. They’re regular readers of Down the Writer’s Path and do a great job with their own blogs. And if you’re one of the politically incorrect, be sure and stop by David Nalle’s The Elitest Pig. He’s a fellow Texan and reviewer for and quite a prolific guy.  Houston blogger Andrew Ian Dodge stopped by yesterday, and I had an opportunity to check out his Dodgeblogium and learned about the Storyblogging Carnival. I just noticed there’s an interview with Temple Stark over at Blogcritics that you might want to check out.   

The best information I’ve found so far on how calculates their sales ranking numbers and what it actually means is done by Morris Rosenthal. I can’t say I totally understand it even with his in-depth analysis but I’m working on it. He takes into account the major changes made by Amazon back in October of last year. Feel free to offer any illumination on the Amazon numbers. What I do know is there have been some actual sales generated by this experiment and, despite the dip in the numbers, I’m hoping to see an increase as the day progresses.

My thanks to everyone who has stopped by, made a comment, posted a note to their blog, and bought a book. I plan to continue the experiment through Friday, though in the blogosphere sometimes things take on a life of their own. In this case, it’s my fervant hope that evolution takes place and I’m able to touch a wider audience than I had thought possible. (For more information on the experiment check here.) 

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    Thank you for the mention! :)