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M.J. Rose’s The Blogging Thing and Joseph Finder’s new promo twist

If you’re wondering why writers, who are already using up their time to write on their novels, stories or projects, even consider creating a blog, stop by M. J. Rose’s blog Buzz, Balls and Hype and read the The Blogging Thing series. Granted, I’m featured in Part 5 on April 5th, but that’s not the only reason I’m calling attention to the series. Rose also recently commented on the success of Joseph Finder’s contest to promote his new book, The Company Man. The full story of how he came to write the book and the genesis for the new twist on an old promotional technique can be found at Rose’s other blog, Backstory. Both of Rose’s blogs are worthy of bookmarking.

Stay tuned for more information on DWP’s April Guest Author Interview scheduled to begin Monday, April 18.

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