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Learning from Ray Bradbury, discovering the passion to write

For Ray Bradbury the admonition to write what you know does not apply. He practices the art of writing what you love. He wears his passions openly and they are abundant. He writes about what he loves; he writes about his inspirations; he writes about his passions. This type of writing is easy enough for him for they saturate his being and illuminate every part of him. He doesn’t have to tap his passions–he lives them. They encompass his existence. Bradbury loves life and his ardor knows no bounds. Writing about his passions is second nature; I would argue that he cannot help but do so.

What excites you? What illuminates your soul? Are your passions visible? Is tapping into them easy, even second nature to you? If not, perhaps you should take a few days to discover and rediscover them, exhume them, play and experience and write about them.

Even more than his writing, it is Bradbury’s exuberance for life and his unexcused love for writing that sings so powerfully to my writing soul. He says "find your twins," no matter where in life they reside. Find where your passions intersect, for there inhabits the spark that will fire and illuminate your soul.

Bradbury unabashedly scrolls across the genres from playwright to screenwriter, storyteller to short story writer, essayist to novelist. Writing is his playground. Like a joyful Johnny Appleseed, the age-old Bradbury skips across the cultural landscape planting seeds within the fertile grounds of essays and shorts stories and moves on, secure in the knowledge that good fruit will follow.

What about you? Can you say you love to write? Do you unabashedly grab your pen or pull the keyboard forward excited, even trembling, to create the next story, essay, or novel? Does your work move you? Do you find it invigorating?

If not, why not?

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  • Georganna Hancock

    …can’t … NOT … write!

  • Georganna Hancock

    …can’t … NOT … write!