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Poll results so far and my whereabouts

So far the results show the Writing on Craft topic is leading wtih the essays a close second in the current Down the Writer’s Path blog poll. So if you’re of a different mind, or even if you, too, primarily come here to read about the craft, be sure and take the poll so I have a good indicator of what DWP’s readership is all about. (Scroll to end of this post to find the poll.)

If you were wondering if I had blog writer’s block last week, you were partially correct. A writer friend and I took off for San Antonio where I was numbered among our local SCBWI chapter speakers bureau members participating in the group’s booth at the exhibit hall. The convention center is pretty large and the IRA (International Reading Association) conference took up every inch of space. Some twenty thousand conferees and exhibit attendees swarmed the convention center daily. Talk about a sensory assault. I left the first day with weary feet, ears and eyes. The noise level was incredible and at some point everything became a blur. I had about five or six autographings scheduled during the week. One of my booth buddies, Kimberly Morris, invited me to attend a Random House reception with her, and I had the chance to meet R.L. Stine and his lovely wife. They were excited about more new plans and it sounds like the Stine juggernaut has no end in sight. I also had the opportunity to catch up with my mentor and MFA instructor, Eric Kimmel. Click here for convention highlights.

After several days at the conference and more walks along the famed Riverwalk than I care to recount, my writer friend from California and I took a mini-road trip and ended up in beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, Texas where we stayed for a couple of days. I had an opportunity to practice a bit more photography while I was there. Last time the rain gave a bit more dismal look to the shots.

If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, stop by Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston at 1:00 pm. Elaine and I will be doing the first booksigning for our new Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures. You’ll enjoy the visit to this lovely independent bookstore and we’ll love seeing you. I admit it was fun finding the new book on the shelves of the San Antonio Barnes and Noble and Borders Book stores, but discovering it in the Fredericksburg bookstore was a real pleasure.

Meanwhile, take the poll and I’ll be back to talk more about the writing world and publishing biz.

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