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It’s a Whole New Mind in the world according to Pink

"The story–from Rumplestilskin to War and Peace–is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind for the purpose of understanding. There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have never no societies that did not tell stories." –Ursula Le K. Guin

Germaine Dietsch, editor of the Spellbinders newsletter, began her recent article with the above quote. She went on to talk about Daniel Pink’s book, The Whole New Mind. In his chapter called Story, Pink uses the same quote. He believes that storytelling is on the rise. Changes brought about by technology and globalization will cause successful people and organizations to number storytelling in the top six most valuable aptitudes needed to be successful. 

Facts, devalued by their sheer abundance thanks to the Internet, will no longer be regarded as the "coin of the realm." The Information Age will have ushered in what Pink describes as the Conceptual Age. Facts alone will not be enough. Instead, they must be accompanied by context and emotional impact. To have any personal or organizational value, they must be surrounded by story. This new world will value those who can master aptitudes that are "high concept and high touch."

So, the future still holds a place for writers, but whether a writer/storyteller’s skill and aptitude will finally be rightly rewarded is not as clear. 

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  • Georganna Hancock

    Hmm. I wonder if this ties in to the recent hoo-hah about the importance of metaphor (in various disciplines, especially teaching/learning/training). You can look at a metaphor as being a story about something else.