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New York Times yields up a review of The Lost Painting and a cache of online literary discoveries

Since the days of my early love affair with Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy, books about artists, art history, and art mysteries continue to capture my attention. So when I ran across Bruce Handy’s review of The Lost Painting in the New York Times I stopped skimming and began reading. The book tells the story of Caravaggio’s lost painting: The Taking of Christ. Interestingly, you can also read the first chapter. Looks like I’ll be searching the book stacks at Borders for yet another book.

Now, I also discovered that the New York Times (NYT) not only has the reviews but also the first chapters of many more books. The books are both fiction and nonfiction. Further searching found the New York Times blog that discusses articles published in the Books and Literature section and the entries are even indexed by their source. If you don’t feel like scrolling through the blog or picking your way through the source list, then click on the Editor’s Choice page for a selection of current fiction and nonfiction offerings. Try other articles about the goings on in the book world such as "The Narnia Skirmishes" and a story about a new discovery of a slave poet’s letter dating back to 1776. To access them you’ll have to register online but it is free. Here’s a quick link to the NY T’s Book Section’s main page, and with holiday gift giving on the horizon you might want to save the link to the NYT Children’s Books page. So pour a cup of coffee, settle back in your chair, and click your way through the New York Times version of an online Publisher’s Row.

Meanwhile, I’m going to find that book on Caravaggio’s painting . . . .

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