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Books, blooks and blogs: Do you have a blook in you?

In the old days it was said that everyone had at least one book in them. Not today. Apparently the book has now been replaced by a blook–you just don’t know it yet. Blooks are books from blogs. Now we have a new reason to answer the newly-eternal question: Why blog?

Recently Jeffrey Goldfarb reported on the new Blookers, “the world’s first literary prize for books based on blogs.” The trend has had sufficient growth to generate The Friday Project, a new firm dedicated to combing the Internet in search of blogs with book potential. Want to know more? Check out a blog, of course, that is dedicated to the award: Lulu Blooker Blog.

Meanwhile, authors, reconsider your blogging potential. Instead of blogging about the road to publication and the new-author journey hawking your book through the bookstores, think blook. What can you blog about that might lead to a blook?

And you thought e-books were the most recent writing fad. . . .

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