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Video Magic and the expanding universe of blogging and the potential PR opportunities

The opportunities for friendship, exchanges of information, and synchronistic happenings are a few things that make having a blog a terrific experience. As I mentioned earlier, a fellow blogger, Will Hoffacker at Youngest of One, ordered my two teen novels when they came out, enjoyed the reads, sent me “fan” emails and posted positive reviews on his blog. While Will is at the top end of my targeted readership and my books deal with much more than the opening moments of a new teen romantic relationship, I had never considered sending him review copies of Divided Loyalties or Video Magic–clearly an error on my part. So the fact that he was a good enough online blogging buddy to order the books and read them on his own made receiving his positive emails and reviews all the more rewarding. It’s also important to me because a local teacher who is developing school curriculum recently asked me if I thought the books would work in the classroom with both male and female students. I now have actual comments from a “real teen” to pass on.

The ever-expanding universe of blogging also promotes synchronistic moments such as the one I had yesterday. Serena, a co-worker, came in and told me she had seen a post on a site she frequents that provides recent blogging news/entries that talked about an author’s response to a “fan letter” and how fan letters are a boost to bloggers, as well. She said she suddenly realized, “hey, I work with her” and clicked over to my blog from the link provided. She couldn’t remember the site or the blogger but said she would let me know. (I had never discussed my blog and only casually mentioned my books to her–we work in a chain bookstore.)

When I got home last night I ran a Google-search on my name and found Wayne Hurlburt over at Blog Business World had written up a response to my blog entry. Not only had he posted, he inserted my photo and the cover of Divided Loyalties. As I was researching all this, my co-worker apparently had gone online, found the website and posted the link on my blog. This turned out to be Wayne’s blog entry that now showed up, in full, on WebPRNews. The blogging relationship worked out like this:

A co-worker saw this article at WebPRNew when she visited WebProNews; which referenced this post on Wayne’s Blog Business World; that refers back to my entry on my blog at Down the Writer’s Path; which was the result of Will’s blog post at Youngest of One.

Now, I don’t know how many readers visit Youngest of One, Blog Business World, or WebPRNews, but I do know that my books and my blog now have a new opportunity reach new readers. I have to say once more: The blogosphere is an amazing place. And many thanks to Serena, Will, and Wayne for their generous support.
Note: If you want to order my books but aren’t into the e-book format, you can go to Booksurge or go to for the teen and the travel books.

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