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Writers, Furl it!

While I don’t post much on technology, every once in a while I find something that has the potential to make a writer’s life easier. Such is the case with Furl! Thanks to Kevin Whited over at BlogHouston for this handy Internet tool. Writers and researchers will find this a dream. Roam the Internet, easily keep up with all your stops, then categorize them to suit your own system. It’s so much better than simply bookmarking. I’ve already set up fifteen specific topics to categorize my Internet findings, but I’m sure there will be more. One quick use is for me to Furl all the online book reviews for my books. With Furl’s search features, I’ll readily find them whenever I need to pull a quote or even the complete text. Before the day is over I’m sure I”ll have a hundred more uses. I also have a category where I can dump potential article and commentary pieces. At last, I have my giant file cabinet in the sky. Have a look!

It takes mere minutes to set up and will save you thousands of future hours.

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