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My Library over at LibraryThing

For those few who keep up with these kinds of things: I now have catalogued 423 books entered into my database over at LibraryThing. For those who enjoy oddball statistics, here’s a link to LibraryThing’s overall stats. My catalogue currently contains a lot of ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies). With so many books and so little time, I’ve made it a point to add any new books coming into the house while I struggle to slowly add the older books lining the shelves, stacking the floor and counters, and topping the tables. While some ARCs come as the result of my working at Borders, others arrive via; however, there’s also a major influx of new releases scheduled for this summer as a result of my traipsing across the George R. Brown Convention Center last week during during the Texas Library Association’s annual conference. If you’d like to see which ARCs I have, click on the catalogue page, click on “search library”, then look for the search bar. Type in ARC and click on tags. (You have to be on the “printable” display page rather than the “graphic” one to find the search box.)

I am a total fan of LibraryThing. The catalogue can be downloaded and easily searched. It’s also interesting to see who else has the same books. When I loan a book out, I simply go in and add another tag with the person’s name. Then all I have to do is search for that person’s name and I know what books they have–which are very few as I am a curmudgeon when it comes to loaning out books. Here are some interesting facts about LibraryThing:

Books cataloged 2,559,383
(1) Total users 36,148 (since August 29, 2005);
(2) Unique works 768,626;
(3) Total tags 3,756,005;
(4) Total reviews 32,477;
(5) Total ratings 331,045;
(6) User-contributed covers 64,354

Have you considered using an online library catalogue site?

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