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What’s in your wastebasket?

My morning ritual begins with a daily bit of reading. Today I dipped into Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul and happened upon this bit of wisdom from Larry Wilde:

One thing all successful writers have in common: a stomach for failing.

Repeatedly. Perhaps years on end. A true professional has a wastebasket full of paper, a drawer (or more) full of rejections, and, of course, another work in progress.

Like all creative souls, writers learn over time that while they may be failing, they are not failures. They learn from their mistakes, and they keep on going. When it seems they’ve hit a stone wall, they find a way to move ahead. Even if it takes them down a radically different path.

Looking back on my checkered career, one lesson stands out: Failure is opportunity in disguise.

I hope you enjoyed the week-long interview with Art Plotnik conducted by Brigit Ganske. If you missed it, begin reading here. Art was kind enough to sit for a virtual inteview and I’ll run the results the rest of this week. Be sure and return to find out what Art thinks about the new media, texting, and other new writerly applications.

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