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Is writing worth all the hard work?

Sometimes you receive a note that brings joy to the heart and a warm glow to the soul. Last night I came across the following email I’d received on December 1, 2004 from an author who I now consider a friend but who, at the time, was a writer I greatly admired. I’m sharing this in part because I know how hard writing is and how many years writers can toil without any clue as to whether their efforts have any value and who may often question whether it’s all worth it. The answer may, as it did in this case, take years (18) in coming. The writer copied me on an email he’d sent to the folks at Writers Digest:


For your blog feature, I recommend a site where one glance gives writers a feeling akin to what Emily Dickinson said about poetry:”…I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off….”

The blog is: Down the Writer’s Path by Vikk Simmons

The Dickinson quote came from the blog’s quote section, the least of several inspirational sections to balance the immensely practical parts–essays, interviews (including with name authors), resources, exchanges, and a brilliant section–a treasury–or updated links. All put together by a writer and teacher of long insight, demonstrated talent, and seemingly unlimited energy and devotion to the writer’s cause. The visual design is an inspiration in itself. How could any site or blog be better?

With best wishes,

Arthur Plotnik
(Author: The Elements of Style, The Elements of Expression, The Elements of Authorship, and Spunk & Bite: A writer’s guide to punchier, more engaging language & style)

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