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Living a Google-enhanced writing life

Google’s impact on writers is growing. The dawn of the Internet search engine forever changed the way writers conduct their daily lives. Today Google’s influence and assistance is expanding at a phenomenal rate. I confess: I have become Googlized.

It began innocently enough. Tuesday I began the day firing up my computer while sipping my first cup of coffee and indulging in my latest writerly fantasy. My inbox bulged with its usual conglomeration of junk mail, group posts, friend’s emails, business matters, writing-related messages, and Google Alerts. Nevertheless, I intended to write.

I’m still not sure how it happened — my brain in its usual morning slumber — but somehow my fingers tripped me onto a site that asked if I wanted to try Google’s Desktop. It was innocuous enough. I obeyed and initiated the download. That was 48 hours ago. Today I am a fully Googlized writer.

Google Desktop and its seductive mate, iGoogle, kept me enchanted for hours. Think cyber-office on steroids. My desktop now hosts the best 4-tabbed To-Do list gadget ever and it sits on top so I can sporadically — ’cause that’s how my mind works nowadays –add to my lists. This phantom cubicle contains the to-dos for my computer guy, daily writing goals, reminders, and calls. All I do is click and the next list appears. The sidebar? It’s an explosion of tools divinely inspired to feed my inner office junkie and lure my muse out to play.

But wait, I’m not done.

There is this thing called iGoogle. It’s like a ramped up, totally personalized Google Desktop. Now an array of gadgets inhabits my iGoogle home page and tabs (additional pages, what a great feature). My homepage reflects my general needs. (Yes, they’re all that necessary.) One tab is dedicated to my main writing project (the novel) and another to general writing. A fourth is for pure reading pleasure (it’s research, okay?). I have stop watches, countdowns, alarms, project trackers, activity trackers, progress bars, and stickies — let me tell you about stickies. I never knew there were so many types of note-taking gadgets available. Writers embrace note-taking but its management? That’s another issue. With no end to styles, any writer should be able to find the perfect cyber-sticky. (Have I told you before how much I adore Post-its?)

Of course there are ways to have quick access to Outlook, documents, links, and RSS feeds. But more playful spirits will laugh in delight at the gadgets that feed your inner child and tickle your muse. You can get lost for hours in a Google Gadget jungle. I know. iGoogle. It’s a writer’s wonderland.

The result? A vortex of organizational energy swirled pulling my Outlook into view. I’ve been ill for several weeks; before that, out of town for three; and the two months prior spent dealing with a critically ill dog that required daily visits to the vet. My unread messages had burgeoned to a whopping 18,000. It was time. I attacked the keyboard and waged war. I downloaded and downloaded and downloaded. I set up folders, created rules, and redistributed the lot. Emails flew. Junk mail exploded. In 10 hours I dealt with 25,000 emails.

I wanted more. I searched the web eager for tools, tips and strategies until I finally stumbled onto Gmail. Wow. Let me sing its song. It’s perfect for a writer and why not? Gmail is set up to operate intuitively; writers are intuitive creatures. With the labeling and filtering system, their end-of-time archiving, and email subject conversation flow feature, it’s a writer’s perfect marriage of technology, inspiration, research, and organization. Imagination is the writer’s only limitation. I opened an account.

Now let’s get real. Why spend days downloading, researching, and setting up systems when all that’s needed is the discipline to put your butt on the chair, start up the computer (or pick up a pen, pencil, and paper), and write?

Overkill? (Shrug.) Maybe. (You should see me skate the aisles at Office Depot — this was free.) But thanks to my obvious addiction, I now have tools that will make my writing life infinitely more manageable and my writing happily more productive. The mountain of ignored emails simply vanished. Incoming is now a snap. My desktop helps me develop my goals and intentions. My ability to focus is sharpened. When I marry my Gmail account to my Outlook, life will be complete.

What about you? Are you a fully-Googlized writer?
This article originally appeared on Blogcritics 10/20/2007.

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  • Sandy Mertens

    Thanks for the information. It helps.

  • Aysha

    I am not fully Googlized..but I do love my Gmail..Maybe I should take that time to set up my iGoogle..Seems to work wonderfully!!

  • Vikk Simmons

    Let me know what you think.

  • Vikk Simmons

    No problem. Glad it helps.