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NaNoWriMo Writers: Sharpen your pencils and plug-in your keyboards!

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Once again summer ends, leaves fall, and slumbering writers stir. Across the nation they are responding to the call of the annual National Novel Writing Month challenge commonly called NaNoWriMo. Participants are fondly called Wrimos. My name is Vikk Simmons and I am a Wrimo.

Tens of thousands of Wrimos are making novel choices, charging batteries, signing up as particpants, posting their Participant icons, selecting forums, making connections, scoping out writer-friendly cafes, sharing the NaNoWriMo news, and encouraging other writer friends to join them in this annual exuberant experience of writing white-hot. Writers cursed with strong internal editors are dragging out their Alphsmarts. Shed your fears, become a Wrimo. You have nothing to lose and wordcount to gain.

Already have a novel in progress? Pledge to write another 50K words. Take advantage of this huge momentous energy. On November 1st the clock will track the countdown for this year’s annual event. Be ready.

Links: VISIT NaNoWriMo and JOIN.

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