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Write-n-Walk your way to fitness

Okay, I know I’ve been gone a while. Unfortunately life circumstances are making my ability to write and to blog a bit more difficult. But it’s a new year and full of promise, so we’ll start back up and see how we do.

The year turns and our hopes and resolutions are renewed. We promise ourselves we’ll write every day; we’ll complete last year’s project this year, we’ll take that class, read those books. Some of us may commit to working fitness into our writing life. Well…I’m here to tell you I have found the ultimate writer’s exercise machine. The Sit-n-Stroll increases circulation, burns off calories, and reduces leg swelling.

Research I’ve found on the Internet shows that QVC has sold this machine and customers have given rave reviews. Apparently even doctor’s are recommending as a type of physical therapy for patients. Anyone who has sat in a chair, ergonomic or not, for long periods of time can testify to the need to get up and walk around.

We all know it’s important to move. We also know how absorbed we get creating new work and how lost we become in revisions. Time speeds by and we’re unaware of its passage. At least with this machine, maybe we can counter some of the health disadvantages our work habits incur. Maybe using the machine might lead to more healthy habits.

Mine’s on the way, so I’ll be providing updates. Do let me know if you tried one.

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