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Internet Tools for Writers: Furl

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When I go online to research or surf, one of the Internet tools I rely on is FURL. If I find something that may be interesting but not something I need to read or spend time on right then, I FURL it. In seconds I’ve given given it a filter and a tag or two so I can find it easily later. t takes a few seconds. FURL is an online service. I use their online storage so it functions like a giant file cabinet full of links that I’ve already filtered and tagged. Instead of reading through the article, essay, tip, or site, I’m able to make a quick judgement, FURL it, and tag it. Everything is stored, ready for me to read later when I’m ready for to take in the content. With Furl Im able to stay focused during the time dedicated to online research. If you need a little help, give FURL a try.

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