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Beginning anew: How to get writing again?

It’s time. We’re approaching fall and I need to find my way back into writing. This year has been full of stops and starts and hasn’t been very conducive to any real production. The novel has, once again, slipped to the background; the blogging has become silent. My interest has lain dormant. My fingers have simply rested on the keyboard but refused to type.

With the death of my dad new duties have taken precedent over anything in my life before his passing. Although the caregiving duties had been accelerating the last 18-24 months, this year they reached maximum overload. Some of the pressure is now off as my dad’s health had really made the past year way more demanding and too high-intensive. But still, more pressures continue and many new things must be iincorpated into my life. Moving is one of them.

Although I’ve been living in no man’s land the last year or so between my house–which I rarely visited–work–until the lay-off–and my parents, I really didn’t have time to think about it let alone respond. So for the past several months the huge task of moving out of my house and finding ways to integrate my stuff and my life into my mom’s house and deciding what to do about all the excess has pretty much consumed what little mind I’ve had to do anything. Again, the book sits waiting; the blogs remain quiet.

One answer to the question of what to do with all this stuff has been the clarion call of “eBay it.” So for the past week or so I’ve been on the quest discovering a new land: Ebayland. Finally, something has resulted in my writing. To see the results and my new writing effort, take a click over to my new blog My Dancing Pencil.

Take a look, leave a comment-and please leave a comment here, too. Love to hear from you again.

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