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Hurricane Ike: Houston’s bad boy

Houston has a new bad boy and his name is Ike. Like a petulant child, Hurricane Ike blew over Galveston, slammed through the ship channel, and tore up downtown Houston. In a matter of hours, he managed to leave the nation’s 4th largest city in shambles. While the combination of water and wind wrecked the coastal areas, wind damage alone devastated the city. Ike had no problem creating a massive wind tunnel effect among the downtown skyscrapers that caused windows even forty stories up to blow out. Like a petulant child, Ike’s windy hands grabbed office contents, dragged them out of the buildings, and rained them on downtown. Furniture smashed on the streets, computers broke apart. Broken glass, confidential papers, and paper punches littered the streets. The only saving grace was that it happened late at night when people were gone.

Even yesterday, some 12-15 hours later, glass continued to drop and litter the downtown streets. The area is cordoned off and no one is allowed in unless they are part of the restoration process. Meanwhile, Ike bustled north and continued to uproot trees, peel off roof tops, and shred sheds. Houston is lucky this bad boy decided not to hang around.

More than two million customers in the Houston area are left without power. I have been one of the lucky ones. Thanks to one large generator, we’ve withstood the storm in relative comfort. I’ve followed the storm’s track and have seen the resulting videos and images aired online. The reporting has proved to be a major distraction,. Other than a couple of blog posts, I haven’t accomplished much in the writing department. I wish I could say that today will be different but the wake of Ike continues to be captured and, still a greedy child, Ike demands my attention. What is amazing so far is the low count in fatalities. I hope the numbers hold.

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