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Priming the pump of the writer’s well

Finally, my creative juices are stirring. I know this because I spent all day yesterday cleaning and reorganzing my office. After years of experience, I’ve learned that prior to starting a project or reigniting the writing habit, the embers stir releasing fits and spurts of movement that often result in rather mundane tasks such as cleaning the office, reorganizing files, or developing a strategy, plan, or to-do list. Admittedly I’ve had some false starts this year but I remain hopeful that I can somehow gather the strength, focus, and discipline to jump the hurdle and rejoin the race.

The good news is that I’ve been pretty disciplined in posting to My Dancing Pencil, my new blog dedicated to my experiences on eBay. One reason why I enjoy blogging is because I equate it to running musical scales. Developing blog posts are finger, eye, and brain exercises anchored in the realm of writing. I like the sound of my keyboard chuckling along as my fingers trip across the keys creating words, sentences, and paragraphs. I enjoy reading and revising the posts. They’re not long enough to be daunting but still demand attention to the detail of word progression, sentence logic, and reader enjoyment.

What about you? Do you have the equivalent of musical scales in your writing aresenal? If you blog, how do you view the process? And how can you tell when your writing well is being stirred?

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