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The Prayer of Jonah: Introducing my new blog

Today marks the introduction of my The Prayer of Jonah blog to the blogosphere. The Prayer of Jonah is a new writing endeavor–well, not so new to me but new to the world–that I’ve created to capture my more spiritual and faith-based writings. I created the blog back in 2004 when I first took up the ancient art of iconography. Since then I’ve posted infrequently as I worked out the definition, nature and purpose of this particular blog. If you visit the site, you’ll quickly see its scope. You’ll find my ruminations on the book Book of Jonah and the prophet, reflections on my spiritual journey, and rants chronicling my experience as, I admit, a rather reluctant caregiver. Obviously these offerings will attract a different readership from you here at Down the Writer’s Path or that of My Dancing Pencil so a new blog was born.

Enjoy these posts