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Writer’s Tools: OMG, I’m Facebooked!

The solitary writer is no longer alone. I have finally succumbed to the social networking phenomena and opened a Facebook account. I did it in the name of research, of course. I wanted to experience what my characters did on a daily basis. Now I’m not sure why it took me so long. Too much focus on the writing, I guess, and not enough playing around. I can see why everyone likes this. I began last night and already have 40+ friends and managed to reconnect with several old friends. It’s all so, well, immediate. But there’s more for writers to do than simply chat with friends.

Facebook offers writers plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle, to market and to publicize. There’s a lot of cross-fertilization that can occur with only a few clicks. You’ll find my Facebook profile on the left side of my blog now and my blog posts appearing on my Facebook account. Any blogger can immediately import their feed into the Notes section and a notice of the new post is immediately listed. I uploaded my book covers and put them in an album. The ability to go back and forth and talk to people and keep them apprised of what I’m doing is amazing. I can share photos, links, blog posts, and just about anythng else I can come up with. If I have future booksignings, there’s a place for events. If I want to post slices of current work or reviews of my books, I can. The ability to just plain support one another is incredible. The nice thing is that I am not restricted to just writing when I share links and information. I’m still mining all the opportunities Facebook provides; after all, it’s been less than 24 hours since my FB birth but I get it. So stop by, say hello, and “friend” me.

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