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Internet Tools for Writers: Teamwork versus Basecamp project management

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Online project management sites can provide useful tools and an additional way to duplicate files of all your ongoing work. Last year I set up a free account at Basecamp for my current novel. I liked it well enough but due to health and family reasons only did an initial setup and follow up. The other day I decided it was time to get a move on and looked up my Basecamp account. It was all there and fine. I like Basecamp but the free account only allows one project and the next level up requires a monthly payment of $24.00 That set me off on a search for other online PMs. I wanted something for my large book projects and not my other smaller projects. (I use Backpack for those and for personal projects.)

I found what I was looking for at Teamwork. Teamwork’s free account allows for two projects. I like this because recently the second book has blown through with enough info for me to establish it as a separate project. The other thing is that the next level up provides more projects and is only $12 a month. That is definitely more in price range should the first two books sell. (You can always open up another free account if you want. The only drawback is that new projects would be in separate account.)

I have the series name as the overall name and then the two book titles as the two project names. A cool feature is that you can assign a logo or photo to a project. Both Basecamp and TeamWork give you the ability to allow your critique members, agents, editors, or whomever access to your projects on your terms. So if you really like a more collaborative writing experience that feature might appeal to you. It’s optional so if you’re the lone duck type, you’re fine.

I’ll be going to Donald Maass’s next Breakout Novel Writing Intensive next month in the San Jose area so I’ll have all my files uploaded and accessible without having to worry about it. I also use Google docs and Google Notebooks so carrying an external storage unit is optional but not necessary since there will be Internet access. Maybe I’ll see you there. If not, have fun exploring these writing tools.

Links: Teamwork, Basecamp, Backup, Google Docs, Google Notebook, Maass Breakout Novel Writing Intensive

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