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Down the Writer’s Path launches first Facebook ad campaign

One of the concerns of any blogger has to be readership. But doesn’t that become a concern for most writers? The first question generally revolves around defining who the reader is. Once that is figured out the really big question is where to find them. If you’ve noticed my Facebook profile on the left, then you know I’m a new Facebook player. In the last month I’ve discovered two things important to this blog. DWP now has its own Facebook page with a growing “fan” base, and today I used the Facebook “create an ad” application to launch my first ad campaign. The information below is contained in the ad that began its foray into the sea of Facebook writers and readers a few hours ago. We’ll talk more about social marketing but right now I’m happy to see the list of fans growing. If you have any experience with social media marketing, let me know.

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  • Lillie Ammann

    Keep us posted. I belong to Facebook but haven’t done much with it. I know I need to do more so I’d love to benefit from your experience. Thanks!

  • Vikk Simmons

    Thanks, Lillie. It’s all so new to me but I’m game to explore. This morning my fan page boasted 137 friends or fans as they call them. I’ve tweaked the page so it provides what I hope is a nice first impression and immediate information. I’ll have to see if it has caused people to click through to the actual blog, although I’m happy just to find people reading whether it’s on the FB page or the blog.