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Are you a gift-giving book lover?

Do you incorporate your love reading and writing into the holiday season? Are there any holiday rituals that you’d like to share? I confess I’m a crusty dragon of a gift giver who remains intent on keeping books at the top of my gift list for myself and for others. Yes, my grandchildren are into the videos and remain entranced for hours upon end but I continue to search for books, writing, and art paraphernalia to engage them in other aspects of the creative world. This year continues the tradition. Sewing books, best-selling vampire stories, travel guides, inspirational romances, political books, and blank journals filled my gift list this year. No movies, no videos, no CDs, no games. I leave that to others. Let’s face it. I’m a writer. If I’m not willing to give gifts from the realm of my own endeavors, who will?

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