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The scary elevator pitch

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series 31 Days Blog Challenge

The idea of stepping into an elevator only to find the floor missing is a scary proposition. Not so for writers. It’s the elevator pitch that throws them into cardiac arrest. And so I had my first murmur this morning when I glanced at mine.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, I signed up for the 31 Days Blog Challenge  and crafting an elevator pitch is the task for the first day. Guaranteed to scare the faint-hearted.

Why would you craft an elevator pitch? Well, you just might get caught in an elevator with an agent, a famous writer, or the editor fresh from Mt. Olympus, all who suddenly deign to ask you the dreaded question: Tell me about your story? Having an elevator pitch tucked into the crevices of your brain just might prevent you from passing out and may even enable you to talk intelligently about your story. If that’s too much of a fantasy, use one to get you through those awkward moments with family, friends, and those pesky relatives who seem to always pose the same question–again and again and again.

So what is an elevator pitch? It’s pretty much a one-liner that captures the essence of the story or, in my case, a blog. (Hand raised in the back.) Yes, you can have a second line.

I’ve had a slowly evolving description of this blog but after reading several articles and the first day of Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, I kinda sorta thought I oughta take a second and maybe a third look at the thing.

Here’s mine: When writing and publishing collide, sparks fly. Down the Writer’s Path is where Vikk Simmons offers her take on the often chaotic life of a writer.

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  • Stephanie Graham

    Hey Vikki! Great post!! I really like your elevator pitch! It makes me want to see your point of view of how you are approaching your life as a writer!! Job well done!