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Catch Nanowrimo fever: Write 50,000 words

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Nanowrimo, the great annual write-a-thon approaches and writers across the country and around the world are making the decision to be in or to be out. In means daily rounds of beating the blank page. Out, well, out is safe. Where do you stand? Are you ramping up to ride the great ‘Wrimo wave to the end of November or are waging a war within and trending towards another year of watching from the sidelines?

I confess. I’m a Nanowrimo veteran. I’m a huge fan of the white-heat first draft method. It’s all good from where I sit. That said, there are valid reasons why a writer may think ‘Wrimo Time is not their time. They’re in the middle of revisions. They’ve already begun the book. They can’t participate. Yes–and no.

Yes, the rules state that to qualify for official Nanowrimo status you must begin writing your chosen work on November 1st and not a day earlier. That means that you must write a completely new work from beginning to end during the month of November in order to be a true competitor in the Nanowrimo writing marathon. But does that mean you can’t play in the sandbox? Of course not.

Nanowrimo is a grand time for all writers. If you’re remotely aware of any other writers even thinking about entering, you can sense the impending excitement, the ticking of the clock, the tapping of keyboards as they ramp up to November 1st. The ‘Wrimo chat is everywhere. Why not ride that tsunami and let it carry you as far as possible in your current work? There are plenty of writers who join in to capture the enthusiasm and excitement and to participate in the communal discipline of writing every day. Sign up, join the fun, participate in the chats, and write your way to the end in the company of others as deeply committed to the writing life as you.

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