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Preparing for Nanowrimo

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Every November Nanowrimo moves writers to clear the decks, fire up their computers, and put aside all distractions. That, in itself, is a good enough reason to participate. Imagine, one entire month–thirty days–devoted to your work. How rare is that in a time where we gorge ourselves on distractions and skim the world via social media?

Veterans of the annual write-a-thon know it’s a good idea to prepare. Put your friends and family on notice that you’ll be scarce the entire month. In the US? Make your plan now how you’ll handle Thanksgiving and still make your daily wordcount. Pay your bills. Send required emails. Do whatever you can to allow for the required time to meet your Nano-goals.

Speaking of goals, be exact when determining what you want to achieve. Is it daily writing, page count, or overall wordcount? Not sure of your goals? Ask yourself why you are even thinking of throwing yourself into this madcap write-a-thon. Do you feel some sense of need? Are you lost and disconnected? Or are you facing a major deadline and need the encouragement and the discipline? Whatever your reasons, it’s a good idea to write them down and devise specific actionable steps you can take now, in the preparation phase, and in November when the game has begun. First step? Sign up.

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