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How to Write a Damn Good Novel

Planning to write a novel? Lost in a first draft stall? Avoiding work due to a “saggy middle?” Grab this book. A quick review of Frey’s Three C’s of Premise will get your story engine back on track.

James Frey has packed How to Write a Damn Good NovelĀ with enough suggestions and principles to reignite your passion to forge ahead. Beginning writers will appreciate the basic storytelling principles. Professional writers will enjoy his crisp writing style and find the book to be a handy reminder of what makes a good book “damn good.”

Book reviews take the weekend spot

Welcome to the Saturday Review, a new feature where I’ll be posting a review of a writing-related book every weekend. With a good 18 bookshelves loaded with books, trust me, I can a find a few to talk about. But I’m not limiting myself to the tried and true, the classics on writing. When it comes to writing and publishing, books abound and my TBR stacks slide and spill. Yet, new books somehow continue to show up on the shelves and top the stacks. I might as well share my old riches and new plunder. I hope you’ll share your comments on the books reviewed and books you love.

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