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Writing about Halloween – Halloween writing ideas

Happy Halloween!

Writing about Halloween is one way writers capture the season’s spirit. Coming up with those Halloween writing ideas is a whole other proposition. Where do you go for those spooky ideas?

Halloween writing topics

Halloween stories abound from the traditional pumpkin pies to the latest Smashing Pumpkins music videos. One reason I write Squidoo lenses is because the publishing platform allows, even encourages, me to write about anything and everything that captures my attention. Dogs are a recurring theme for me and, in particular, my dogs. So it wasn’t too long before I came up with a Halloween writing article about one special little Pug and costumes for dogs.

Halloween theme ideas

Once I had the costume theme, I was on my way. Not only did I want to have good Halloween costume ideas, but I wanted to focus on fun Halloween costumes. Now, I knew costumes for pets was a good targeted topic to mine, so I drilled down a bit more and came up with two more popular costume ideas with a dog angle. Big dog costumes was almost a no-brainer. One look at the available Halloween costumes online and I was chuckling all through the writing. Found a couple of cute Halloween dog parade videos to add, too.

More fun Halloween costume ideas

When it comes to writing Squidoo lenses, drilling down into a niche where fun, Halloween, and costume ideas make up the major criteria really opens up the creative writing process. Squidoo makes it easy to bring in a variety of components that add to the reader’s experience. During my research phase I didn’t find much in the Squidoo published pool about the old man costume and the old woman costume. I also found that not only could you buy the Halloween costumes online, but you could also develop a unique character and buy whatever components you needed,too. Anyone could create these homemade costumes.

Developing good Halloween costume ideas

I liked that the two ideas., the old man costume and the old woman costume, would work as what I call companion lenses or articles. They can play off of one another. I can do variations on the theme but stay within a similar scope, and they would, hopefully, appeal to the same reader. I began with the idea of writing a Halloween article about old man costumes and ended up exploring the concept of Old Man Costume Characters.

By the time I”d finished with the old man, I thought I knew what I was going to do with the old lady. I had a structure in place. I knew all the elements required for the various components.  What else was there to do? Not so.

The old woman costume character had its own mind–of course. Soon I was off playing in YouTube in search of new material. Although that led to some additional changes, I retained the original idea. In the end I had even more fun writing the new costume article and ended up loving Old Woman Costume Characters.  Take a peek. I think you will, too.

Have fun writing about Halloween

How did I know writing these Halloween articles would be so much fun? Well, because earlier this year I participated in a Squidoo lens writing challenge and created my first Squidoo Halloween lens all about Halloween puppy dog costumes for infants. Now who could go wrong with babies and dogs?


Update: Pug Wants Halloween Contest is one of the top 50 finalists for the SquidQuest Happy Halloween Squidoo Contest. Voting is until midnight Oct 31, 2011.

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